Our main Networkinfrastructure is located at SCC. We use two Asus RA1112 AMD EPYC as our “Core-VM” hosts for all routing and Mesh-VPN related stuff.
Our Core Routers, Mesh-VPN, DNS-Server and Anycast Services are directly hosted on these Core Hosts The Core-VM host are connected together using 2x10Gb DAC links, have direct connetions to the KA-NIX IXP and 2x10G to our Core Switchig Infrastructe.

Connected to our Core Switching Infra is our “Main-VM” Infrastrucute. Providing Service VMs and utilising a CEPH all SSD Storage Backend.

Our secondary infrastructure is located at ZKM.
This mainly consists of a Blade chassis stocked with AMD EPYC servers, for Build Hosts an other compute inftesive task. As well as VMs for local Mesh-Brakeout and Concentrators for the radio relay antenna network.